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Home of the Finest Artisan Ice Pops in New Orleans

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Oreo n Cream Oce Pops - Big O's Pops

Big O's Pops

Artisanal Frozen Desserts

Here at Big O’s Original Pops, we are passionate artisans dedicated to creating delicious frozen treats to bring joy and refreshment to every bite. We believe in the power of natural ingredients and imaginative flavors and use the finest ingredients to craft ice-cold pops that will tantalize your taste buds and cool you down on the hottest New Orleans days. 


We source locally and seasonally whenever possible to create our classic favorites like cookies-n-cream and strawberry lemonade to exotic blends like mango-chili-lime and watermelon basil lemonade. Our menu is constantly evolving to surprise and delight our customers. We love experimenting with new flavors, pushing the boundaries of what a popsicle can be. 

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